Reasons Companies use our Services

  1. Alternate source of Money
    • Our Financing may allow Bank Ratios (Debt to Equity) to stay intact
    • Frees up money to finance primary business concerns or future growth opportunies
  2. Possibly save money on taxes and enhance cash flow
  3. Want Control over Maintenance Budget & Department
  4. Want to eliminate problems with Maintenance
    • Technicians hard to find
    • Maintenance program not well defined or capable of handling today's federal & safety guidelines
  5. Want to eliminate Equipment Administrative problems
    • Licensing & Taxes
    • Fuel Tax Reporting
    • Equipment Engineering & Purchasing
    • Sale of Used Equipment
    • Road Breakdown Service
    • Warranty Administration
  6. Rental Equipment
    • Need for equipment down
    • Need extra equipment quickly for growth or seasonal needs