Full Service Leasing with Committed Maintenance

Fleet Master full-service leases can include all or some of the following services:

  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Financing
  • License & Registration
  • Federal Highway Use Tax
  • Fuel Tax Reporting & Permitting
  • Property Taxes

Some of our many services include:

  • Full Maintenance Program including Tires, Repairs and more
  • Covers most of the maintenance costs
  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Repair or Repair Coverage & Handling
  • Preventive Maintenance System and Alerts
  • "Vehicle In System" to aid in records compliance
  • Annual Federal Inspection
  • Aid in handling DOT maintenance regulations including Vehicle records and records upkeep
  • Rental or Maintenance substitute vehicles can be included in price
  • Handle Warranty
  • Road Service with 24 hour 1-800 number
  • Other customized services to your needs

A FMI Full-Service Lease can have the following Administrative benefits:

  • Buying & Engineering Equipment
  • Working with OEMs on Warranty, Recalls, Service Bulletins and Fleet Specific Problems
  • Administering Maintenance, PM and Required Inspections
  • Aid in maintenace regulations with record keeping and Operations
  • Obtaining Licenses
  • Filing & Paying Property Taxes
  • State Fuel Permit & Fuel Tax Reporting

Financial Benefits of Leasing:

  • Possible Off-Balance Sheet Financing Frees Borrowing
  • Works to keep Debt to Equity Ratio favorable to Banks
  • Keeps financial ratios in shape for financing primary Business goals

Improves Cash Flow and Budgeting:

  • Equipment depreciates quickly, yet requires large investment
  • Leasing eliminates many ownership burdens & risks, while:
    • Freeing Capital & Increasing Borrowing Power
    • Requires No Down Payment
    • Allows you to prepare a more accurate budget

Tax Advantage to Full-Service Leasing

  • Payments may be written off in period incurred as operation expense.