Committed Maintenance

  • Full Maintenance Program including Tires, Repairs and more
  • Covers most of the maintenance costs
  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Repair or Repair Coverage & Handling
  • Preventive Maintenance System and Alerts
  • "Vehicle In System" to aid in records compliance
  • Annual Federal Inspection
  • Aid in handling DOT maintenace regulations including Vehicle records and records upkeep
  • Rental or Maintenance substitute vehicles can be included in price
  • Handle Warranty
  • Road Service with 24 hour 1-800 number
  • Other customized services to your needs

Benefits of Committed Maintenace

Professionally Managed

  • Frees up resources for people to concentrate on Core Business
  • Allows for more accurate budgeting
  • Equipment specifics readily accessible
  • History and PM Information

Allows us to Stock, Staff and Train

  • Stocking of more parts for more quicker turn around
  • Staffing at times more convenient to customer
  • Training to specific equipment

Experienced staff with Integrity & Commitment

Increased Uptime

  • Managed asset
  • Both parties concentrating on same goals

Benefits of FMI Maintenance Program & System

  • Customer Oriented, Two Main Goals
    • To Provide Safe & Effective Equipment
    • Attempt to Schedule Programmed Maintenance Services when they are convenient to both parties, whenever possible
  • Partner with Customer so it is in both our interests to maintain and have safe equipment for the contract term
    • Have Pre-Delivery Inspections & Computerized Records
    • Management check reports monthly & Analyze for fleet trends
    • Predictive Maintenance - Replace some items at pre determined intervals for safety and effectiveness; reduce road breakdowns
    • Work toward Systematic Preventive Maintenance program